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Company Profile

Founded in 2006, Mingyang Smart Energy Group (601615.SL, MYSE.L) is a leading smart energy provider with a diverse portfolio including wind, solar, storage, and hydrogen. We offer cutting-edge equipment, engineering, and services, and have built a robust eco-system for sustainable energy solutions. Recognized among China's top 500 and the global new energy elite, Mingyang partners with clients to drive technological innovation and support a green, low-carbon energy future.

Committed to "clean energy for all," Mingyang is dedicated to advancing green, smart, and inclusive energy solutions, evolving into a global leader in the energy sector.


Leader's Speech

In an era marked by historic shifts, green and low-carbon energy is reshaping the global energy landscape. With renewables comprising nearly 60% of new power generation, China's advancements in wind and photovoltaic sectors have been remarkable, leading the world in capacity and declining costs, and entering anew era of unsubsidized development. Mingyang, at the forefront of the fourth industrial revolution, is integrating clean energy with industrial intelligence, steadfast in its mission to innovate for a sustainable future and lead in green energy development.

Champion technological innovation as the pivotal force for advancement. In the current era of swift technological and industrial shifts, with a focus on fields like new energy and hydrogen, Mingyang stands at the forefront with breakthroughs like its innovative "dual-rotor" wind platform and leading-edge hydrogen production. Committed to meeting the varied needs of carbon neutrality, we drive the development of sustainable green energy solutions.

Mingyang is dedicated to harnessing oceanic potential, deriving strength from marine manufacturing and driving the industry's clustering and diverse applications. We are at the forefront of advancing offshore wind power, floating technologies, flexible DC systems, ocean ranches, and innovations in materials and processes. Mingyang is forging a path in the large-scale, clustered development of the deep sea, constructing a globally competitive, three-dimensional floating industry and marine energy industrial cluster. By integrating intelligent energy scenarios into industrial ecosystems, we aim to stimulate demand, generate value across the entire supply chain and lifecycle, and establish a new dynamic for surpassing development milestones.

Mingyang firmly pursues sustainable development and incorporates environmental protection principles throughout its operations from product design to maintenance. Leveraging big data and block chain technologies, we have revolutionized energy service and management, fostering green energy connectivity and efficiency, and establishing a green value framework for customers and society at large. In parallel with advocating for a low-carbon energy transition, Mingyang innovates to democratize access to new energy, aiming to deliver its benefits at more affordable prices. We also actively fulfill our social responsibilities through contributions to educational initiatives, disaster relief, pandemic responses, and rural revitalization efforts, all in the name of preserving clear waters and blue skies.

——————Founder and President of Mingyang Group Zhang Chuanwei

Corporate Culture

"Born by nature, Motivated infinitely"

Mingyang's ethos is deeply rooted in the harmony with nature, propelled by a profound respect for human potential. We are steadfast in our pursuit of growth, invigorated by vitality and innovation. Our proactive and creative approach to harnessing natural energy is dedicated to enhancing human existence and advancing societal progress.


Mingyang, guided by the 'Double100 Billion' strategy, nurtures and redeploys leaders to foster entrepreneurship. We adopt a forward-looking approach to talent development, focusing on comprehensive career planning for our employees. This is supported by three key cultivation systems, which boost business performance, customer service, and strategic execution.

Mingyang Academy

Mingyang Academy champions inclusive new energy values, serving as a learner, a catalyst for strategic talent growth, and a partner in cultural integration.

Global Layout

  • Production base


  • O&M Center


  • spare parts warehouses


Mingyang, with a global vision, has established a dense network of production bases,O&M service centers, and spare parts warehouses, creating a responsive service platform for efficient customer support and rapid spare parts delivery.

  • Global cumulative installed capacity


  • Global wind &solar power station projects


Mingyang actively collaborates on new energy technology and business across over 10countries in Asia, Europe, and the Americas, embodying the principle of"Global Cooperation, Worldwide Sharing." We also partner with esteemed universities and international accreditation bodies in Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany, Norway, and the UK for technical exchanges, resource integration, and supply chain development.

Global Talent and Innovation Resources

Mingyang operates six innovation and R&D hubs across Zhongshan, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Silicon Valley, and Hamburg, housing over 2,000 tech professionals. Recognized as a national intellectual property leader and high-tech enterprise, we contribute to over 200 industry standards, hold nearly 2,000 patents and copyrights, and have secured certifications for over 50 models, leading global innovation in offshore wind power.

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